Written Exams

The NCCCO Testing  administers the written certification exams for NCCCO. All Crane Training, USA is a test site for NCCCO written exams. We facilitate the NCCCO Testing by providing a testing area for the NCCCO Testing accredited examiner to administer the tests.  NCCCO Testing has 10 days after they receive the tests from the examiner to score them.

Written exams are held at our facility once a month.

The following Written Exam dates have been scheduled for 2019

January 19,2019  


The following information is an overview of the requirements and steps to take to apply for testing to become certified.  Additional information is available at www.nccco.org/general/handbooks

Candidate Requirements

  • Candidates must pass a written and a practical exam in the category they wish to be certified in.
  • Candidates have 12 months after they pass their first exam, written or practical, in which to take the corresponding written or practical exam in the same category.
  • Candidates may take their written and practical Exams in any order.  
  • Example, a candidate passing the written exams has 12 months to pass the practical exam in the same category as their written exam.
  • Candidates who do not take and pass both the Written and Practical Exams within the 12 month will be required to start the certification process again from the beginning.

Application and Scheduling Process

  1. Read the Handbook for the type of crane exam you will be taking and review all the policies prior to filling out and submitting an application. All Handbooks are available on this website
  2. Choose the appropriate CCO candidate application and fill it out completely.
  3. ACTU must receive your application 2 ½ weeks prior to the testing date, to successfully process your application with out incurring a late fee from NCCCO Testing
  4. If the application deadline is missed I.A.I. charges a "late fee" of $50.00 and will not accept any applications later than 5 days before the test date.
  5. Send your completed application with  payment by check or credit card to:
    1. ACTU at 9131 San Leandro St., Suite 110, Oakland, CA 94603
    2. Fax it to 510-638-7438 (credit card information needs to be complete)
    3. Email it (credit card information needs to be complete)
  6. Candidates who are determined to be eligible to sit for the examination will receive an admission letter from NCCCO Testing approximately (one) 1 week before the scheduled test date.

Our staff is happy to take you through this process so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Our regular business hours are Monday – Friday 7:30am 4:00 pm

Local 510-638-5407

Contact us 1-510-638-5407