Practical Exams
Mobile, Tower, Articulating, Overhead Cranes and Signal & Rigging

Practical Exams for Mobile, Tower, Articulating, Overhead Crane operation and Signal & Rigging are conducted at our national training center in Oakland, California.

Practical exams can be scheduled at anytime the operator feels comfortable with being tested. Practical exams are just that, EXAMS, no training will be provided during this exam process. Examiners are only observers, noting the time and incidents during the exam. All of our examiners are NCCCO accredited.

Operators wishing to take the practical exam only, will need to understand the following.

  • The NCCCO requirement is that ACTU provide a fifteen-minute familiarization period prior to testing.
  • The NCCCO practical exam is a challenging and humbling exam for even the most experienced operators.
  • If you do not have at least five hundred hours experience and are currently operating a crane, you will need additional training time on a crane to even attempt the practical exam.

All Crane Training USA offers training classes on all the cranes that we conduct practical exams on.  Training fees are based on an hourly rate.  For more information on training and fees see our Crane OperatorTraining Section.

Practical exams are scheduled on a case-by-case basis.  ACTU also offers practical exam classes for individual companies which are scheduled on an as needed basis. Call us today to schedule an exam date for you or your company.

Practical exam testing fees are based on the number of cranes the operator is being tested on. NCCCO written and practical administration fees “IAI” are not included and are based on the number of exams and machines being tested on. The NCCCO practical exam application is completed by the candidate at the time of their scheduled test.

Available Practical Exam Fees

Mobile Crane                                $350.00 per machine, per person, per test
Overhead Crane                           $250.00 per machine, per person, per test
Articulating Crane                         $250.00 Using your machine, per person, per test


Prices do not include IAI exam fees

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